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High Waisted And Wide Legged

...and blue; check on all three categories! Some buys are just the best ones - these pants are one of my all time favorites! Acne to be credited! Blouse - Mayla Cardigan - VIntage (needs to be replaced...) … [Read More]

New Inspiration For The Polkadots

Finding new inspiration for the styling of my polkadot skirt by checking out different IG accounts. Found a style with a belted knit that I easily could copy and make a version of with my own pieces. So here are some of my favorites in a new combination as … [Read More]

Why don’t you?

Charlotte’s Fashion Blog

This blog is about me and my take on style and fashion for professional women, how to reinvent and style your office wear without constantly buying new clothes and by honoring quality and love of textile!

I will explore how to create new outfits from your regular closet staples. How do you reinvent yourself and your wardrobe when you don’t have time, or money, to shop?

The title of the blog is chosen with a wink to Diana Vreeland, former fashion journalist at Harper’s Bazar and editor-in-chief at Vogue, who was a classy, original maverick who thought out of the box before anyone even knew there was a box.

Not even pretending to be anything like her, I still hope that the title can instill some inspiration and sparkle, some ‘Why don’t you?’ … [Read More]


Chanel Skirt

A classic pencil skirt in Chanel fabric with some shine and sparkle but with details more oriented versus a jeans look. I bring it out every spring when the sun demands more of lighter colors than the usual black. As you can see I made it with a slightly … [Read More]

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Trench Is Out

.... for a Sunday style with new sneakers and not to forget, at last, sunnies!! Sneakers - Tamaris Sunnies -Morgenthal Fredrics Trench coat - my moms vintage Burberry from the 70ties … [Read More]

More Of The Red

Who doesn't love a good bargain? I do, especially when it can be used with my favorite red pants! I found the knit on a mid season sale last week! It's a loose, very thin cashmere knit from Acne and I fell in love instantaneously just by sight! If you're … [Read More]

Suiting Up

The green suit is hard to capture in a picture. Luckily that was not a criteria when buying the suit... Also, please forgive the kind of discolored face, skiing in sun with goggles makes the tan awkward... After the start with a million of excuses, see, a … [Read More]

New Style For My Jeans

I’ve been pondering for a while, over a new pair of jeans, and in a new style. Love my skinny Rag and Bones (2nd pair, same cut...) but felt a need for a change. My jeans need to be wearable at the office so I tend to go for darker fabrics, feels like the … [Read More]

Jardin Des Tuileries more tee... This time with gold letters! I really love this new funky way to up-date the ever persisting tees. I've always preferred a tee to a shirt but for a while I let the shirts win. But with this trend of printing a couple of well chosen words … [Read More]

Life Is A Journey

Any message tee yet? An easy fun way to up-date the recurring theme of a white tee! I found this one at HM - Life is a journey! Always good to remember as a message! Tee - HM Blazer - Tiger Pants - Whyred … [Read More]

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