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Showing Off Statement Sleeves styling the blouse with a sleeveless cardigan. Have you gone for the statement sleeves yet? Can’t get over a creeping feeling that a sleeveless cardigan is more bohemian chic (especially when styled with statement sleeves) than office … [Read More]

Surviving The Cold

I know it's late in the season and the coldest period is already past but after our last week skiing I can't resist talking about how to survive in excessive cold. This winter I 've skied temperatures between -25 and -18 degrees Celsius (-12 to 0 degrees … [Read More]

Why don’t you?

Charlotte’s Fashion Blog

This blog is about me and my take on style and fashion for professional women, how to reinvent and style your office wear without constantly buying new clothes and by honoring quality and love of textile!

I will explore how to create new outfits from your regular closet staples. How do you reinvent yourself and your wardrobe when you don’t have time, or money, to shop?

The title of the blog is chosen with a wink to Diana Vreeland, former fashion journalist at Harper’s Bazar and editor-in-chief at Vogue, who was a classy, original maverick who thought out of the box before anyone even knew there was a box.

Not even pretending to be anything like her, I still hope that the title can instill some inspiration and sparkle, some ‘Why don’t you?’ … [Read More]


This Seasons Black Skirt

For me it will be the aline skirt in the granny length... i e over the knee. I bought this skirt on sale in February, perfect all through spring and summer and now I'm turning it into my no 1 winter skirt too. Styled with boots, black leather and the … [Read More]

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The Black Leather Skirt

... styled for the office needs some balancing in terms of bringing down the edginess of the leather. I do it in different ways but the common denominator is that I keep the top quite neutral or even down-dressed. Here with a chambray shirt and a … [Read More]

Casual Weekend Detail

Including the cute tee from HM - Life is a journey - who can't subscribe to that? And a new pair of earrings from my all time favourite shop in New York - ABC Carpet. If you want inspiration for your jewelry or interior design, that's the place to go to! … [Read More]

Black & White

Classic use of a white lace blouse, salt & pepper wrap skirt and a black cardigan. Looks like I will be stuck with my winter boots for a while... snow everywhere! Blouse - Zadig & Voltaire Skirt - Acne … [Read More]

Suit It Up

Wearing green and light brown ankle boots, wishing for spring. Although I love snow and skiing the past week of winter temperatures was truly demoralizing. I’m thinking a spring theme could be used as a spell?! Bringing out my tie front blouse to style … [Read More]

Sun Is Out

And so are the sunnies, back on the nose tip! This season mine will be round and greyish! A new love bought with love in NY at my last visit. Sunnies - Morgentahl Frederics Can you spot my photographer? … [Read More]

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