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More Of The Plaid

Making use of the new plaid blazer in a style based on all-black. My a-line midi skirt, a black blouse and black leggings. Blazer - new for the season, Tiger Skirt - old, Whyred Boots - old, Acne … [Read More]

Plaid In Black & Blue

I think I've already told you that I love the combination of black and blue. Here's last seasons DIY skirt; plaid, with a wrap, midi-long - all set for this season! And in black and blue! Do you remember how it looked like when I was creating? Here's … [Read More]

Why don’t you?

Charlotte’s Fashion Blog

This blog is about me and my take on style and fashion for professional women, how to reinvent and style your office wear without constantly buying new clothes and by honoring quality and love of textile!

I will explore how to create new outfits from your regular closet staples. How do you reinvent yourself and your wardrobe when you don’t have time, or money, to shop?

The title of the blog is chosen with a wink to Diana Vreeland, former fashion journalist at Harper’s Bazar and editor-in-chief at Vogue, who was a classy, original maverick who thought out of the box before anyone even knew there was a box.

Not even pretending to be anything like her, I still hope that the title can instill some inspiration and sparkle, some ‘Why don’t you?’ … [Read More]


Sparkle Away

It's the sparkle time of the year! It's as though Xmas parties represent a zone for sparkling in the outfits. Combine the sparkle with a plain grey top, as I do here, or with jeans to down play and I think it's a great outfit. Skirt - made last year. … [Read More]

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Puffy Pants

New pants for the season with a completely new style. Slightly puffy but with a very good fit at the waist and over the hips. Love this season's complete mix and match of all types of pants - When I browse stores it's as though you can't go wrong in pants … [Read More]

Reinventing the Suede Skirt With a Nude Knit

Picking up a lot of trends for the winter by just adding one more piece, a nude knit from COS. Winter white (well ok, neutral...), monochrome, suede and midi-skirt just by combining my old vintage skirt with a ribbed knit. Love when I find these types of … [Read More]

Reinventing the Black Blazer With a Belt

Pulling another season out of my black blazer that now dates back 5 years. I'm on the lookout for a new version but haven't really stumbled on anything I love yet. For the choice of the black blazer I'm really picky, I often wear them to pieces and hope … [Read More]

A Theme For The Week – Reinventing Old Pieces

With a couple of new pieces I'm reinventing my old closet finds. Starting in the weekend with my classic trenchcoat from Burberry. Definitely vintage as it's my mom's from the 70ties. This season's update is just adding a new scarf in light wool in brown … [Read More]

Classic Well-Dressed Plaid Blazer

Some trends are just too good to be true! For me a statement piece as a plaid blazer is an opportunity that I can't miss! This is probably a jacket I will wear until it shreds... Slightly longer silhouette and cut, plaud in black and grey, in excellent … [Read More]

Boho Chic At Work

There are some days with office work where I can go slightly more casual compared to the days filled with client meetings. Like today, when my colleagues called out in the morning, shouting - Going Boho chic today!? Might be, but I love my shirt with the … [Read More]

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