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Yoga With A View

More of a throwback to the past week than my weekend business... back in Stockholm and to my practice in my own little vista. But how great wasn’t this yoga spot, with upper Manhattan at my feet!! Happy weekend to y’all!! … [Read More]

The Chanel Jacket With The New Skirt

Tha polka dot skirt with my Chanel style jacket! Well worn jacket in a new style. Love my jacket even more when I see new combinations coming up! The skirt has pleats in the front and flare in the back. Pleats seen in this post and I hope you see the flare … [Read More]

Why don’t you?

Charlotte’s Fashion Blog

This blog is about me and my take on style and fashion for professional women, how to reinvent and style your office wear without constantly buying new clothes and by honoring quality and love of textile!

I will explore how to create new outfits from your regular closet staples. How do you reinvent yourself and your wardrobe when you don’t have time, or money, to shop?

The title of the blog is chosen with a wink to Diana Vreeland, former fashion journalist at Harper’s Bazar and editor-in-chief at Vogue, who was a classy, original maverick who thought out of the box before anyone even knew there was a box.

Not even pretending to be anything like her, I still hope that the title can instill some inspiration and sparkle, some ‘Why don’t you?’ … [Read More]


My Black Office Jacket

One of the key wears in an office wardrobe is to have a nicely fitted black office jacket. For me there are three key features when choosing a black jacket; the fit, the quality of the fabric and lastly the cut! You can spend an awful amount of money … [Read More]

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Business Travel

What’s not to complain about going to New York! As sometimes theres a bit of space for pleasure! The weather wasn’t very cooperative on this free Sunday in New York so umbrella was a necessary accessory! We choose to go see the Michelangelo exhibition … [Read More]

Obsessive With Green

More color for this February winter week! As I have been obsessively buying green pieces to my wardrobe for a couple of years, I continue my search. This is what came out from a bargain search on January sale! A stylish suit from Rodebjer! Love the … [Read More]

Who Doesn’t Need Red In February

Theme of the week - color! I felt I needed a bit of cheering up, and who’s not to be smiling when spotting screamy red pants! Here styled for winter, still combined with the neutral notes as you might remember I did for summer, see here. Knit - … [Read More]

Delicate Roses

Love this shirt with it's pattern of delicate roses! Check out the detail here! And the pattern is intricate as it's actually flowers in two layers. If you look closely you will see that the shady kind of gradient black is also forming a pattern of … [Read More]

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