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Friday Red

Finally, Friday! Some Fridays are more welcome than others! FriYay - calls for some red! First while dressing and in a couple of hours I will fill my glass with red... Enjoy your Friday! Skirt - Comptoir des cotonniers Blazer - Sand of … [Read More]

Knit & Skirt

My lovable knit with my shiny satin skirt - kind of stretches the office wear a tiny bit. The knit says Je t'aime - perhaps it will work out fine at the office, spreading some positive vibes to all my professional financial clients! Knit - Zadig & … [Read More]

Why don’t you?

Charlotte’s Fashion Blog

This blog is about me and my take on style and fashion for professional women, how to reinvent and style your office wear without constantly buying new clothes and by honoring quality and love of textile!

I will explore how to create new outfits from your regular closet staples. How do you reinvent yourself and your wardrobe when you don’t have time, or money, to shop?

The title of the blog is chosen with a wink to Diana Vreeland, former fashion journalist at Harper’s Bazar and editor-in-chief at Vogue, who was a classy, original maverick who thought out of the box before anyone even knew there was a box.

Not even pretending to be anything like her, I still hope that the title can instill some inspiration and sparkle, some ‘Why don’t you?’ … [Read More]


This Seasons Black Skirt

For me it will be the aline skirt in the granny length... i e over the knee. I bought this skirt on sale in February, perfect all through spring and summer and now I'm turning it into my no 1 winter skirt too. Styled with boots, black leather and the … [Read More]

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Indian Summer

October and we are enjoying temperatures of +15 degrees C/60 degrees F! For a Swede October would usually represent wearing winter jackets, never ceasing rain, darkness... so you see this fall is simply lovely! This weekend I’m enjoying sun, warmth and … [Read More]

Wide-Legged Pants

Oh well if you haven't got a pair already it's time to make an investment! A pair of wide legged pants! Mine are from Dagmar and super wide! I wonder why we are all sticking to our skinny pants to such an extent? To pair up with the higher boots that … [Read More]

Still In Milan

In spirit, that is! I couldn’t resist the temptation of wearing my Milan shopping items already first day back at work! Corduroy pants where the colors in the flowers are picked up in the color of the top, as much matchy-matchy you will ever get from … [Read More]

When In Milan…

Cool bars & restaurants require cool girls! So here's me and my red suit! And meet my sis & her new Italian leather jacket from I Blues! Love the jacket and my sis! Red suit - Sand of Copenhagen White boots - Rizzo Handbag - Coach … [Read More]

When In Milan

... I was in heaven! Fabric & design heaven! Not since we moved from New York have I found such inspiration for my sewing as when visiting the fabric stores of Milan! And 10 Corso Como! Not for fabrics but for a beautiful selection of design in … [Read More]

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